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Gym Based
Personal Training

 43-50 minutes

Our Gym based Personal Training clients enjoy the full attention of our trainer, and being in person to push you when you would normally tell yourself to stop helps you to get the most out of your training and helps prove to yourself that you are capable of anything you set your mind to

These sessions are designed to fit your fitness level & ability. They include things like boxing, mobility drills, cardio and strength.

We design a program best suited towards your goals, incorporating your life circumstances and availability. We also provide nutritional and motivation support, with a focus on helping you enjoy working out & to empower you to make long term changes


One on One Training
Goal Setting & Strength Targets
Motivation & Progress markers; photos, measurement and remote support 7 days a week
Charged each week, fortnight or month
I always look forward to my sessions with Lauren. She has such a bubbly, friendly, easy-going and sunny personality. I admire how passionate and dedicated Lauren is to her own training, nutrition, business and the support she gives clients. Lauren is a true professional.
I have been training with Lauren for the past couple of months. and have most certainly seen changes in my habits, fitness, lifestyle and mental health. my sessions with lauren although intense, I LOVE!!
Highly reccommend Lauren from Impact health & fitness, only two weeks into my strength program and feeling stronger , more motivated and already seeing progress !!

The Impact Fitness App

We've been working hard on finding a solution that helps us deliver on our promise of helping you reach your fitness goals where you are, both in in your fitness levels and location.

So this comes with some new changes for our regular clients, but also lets us  provide a whole new service! 🤩

Mobile & In-home Clients

All mobile clients get access to the app free of charge! This app makes it much easier to provide nutrition plans and fitness programs, and lets you directly contact us with any questions or concerns!

Online Training

We're happy to now provide online training, this lets us provide our service wherever you are, at a lower rate than having us come to you directly. You'll get the same great nutritional, fitness planning and support. With 7 days contact availability we can easily help you make progress!

Meet Your Trainer

Trainer wearing impact shirt similing into camera
More about Lauren

Lauren Kent

I use a blended approach which includes mindful eating approaches, regular eating times, calorie counting, meal plan guide to learn how to structure your day, learning to establish your hunger cues, with programs to improve your cardiovascular system and increase your strength.

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