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Client Spotlights


Lauren always shows up for you and is there to support you on whatever journey you chose to embark. She will be your number one supporter and is so wise about nutrition and exercise- her approach is truly refreshing. She has supported my journey to remain active through my first pregnancy the post-partum period in so many ways, creating an individual program to support my body, giving me the confidence to begin working out again after having a baby, and adapting my program to my changing individual needs. I always feel energised after working out with Lauren, not only from the exercise but her awesome attitude.  I recommend Lauren 100%.


I always look forward to my sessions with Lauren. She has such a bubbly, friendly, easy-going and sunny personality. I admire how passionate and dedicated Lauren is to her own training, nutrition, business and the support she gives clients. Lauren is a true professional, she is always on time, prepared and fully engaged during my sessions with her. Lauren has never let me down. She is also available over messenger if I need anything on the days where I don't see her and this has been so helpful in keeping me on-track and accountable. Lauren helps me to set goals and these goals help me to switch-up my workouts and leave me feeling a sense of achievement and success, no matter how small they may seem.

Thanks to Lauren I now feel the best, both physically and mentally, that I have felt in ages! Looking forward to continuing to see what I can achieve with her ongoing support

You honestly won't regret signing up to training with Lauren, in fact I wish I had done so sooner!!

Thanks for everything Lauren


Lauren is an amazing trainer - she is super motivating, always encouraging and actually makes you want to work out!!! As someone who has struggled and gets embarrassed at the gym I am so grateful for her supportive nature and I look forward to our sessions!!! Thanks Lauren


100% recommend!!!


Highly reccommend Lauren from Impact health & fitness, only two weeks into my strength program and feeling stronger , more motivated and already seeing progress !! Lauren is such a motivating and encouraging person and really listens to your individual goals and creates a program specific to you.

She has been super encouraging throughout my fitness journey from the day I started at Anytime fitness Napier and since starting my program has kept me on track with reaching my goals by always checking up on my progress throughout the week and seeing if there is anything that needs to be altered or changed in my program.

Can’t stress enough how wonderful Lauren is you won’t be disappointed with her by your side throughout your fitness journey!!! Thank you so much can’t wait to smash my 12-week strength program


I worked with Lauren online for about 8 months and cant speak highly enough of her. She is caring, knowledgeable, professional and supportive. I never felt pressured at all only encouraged and motivated. Working with her helped me in so many ways and really made me aware of my own behaviours i never would have acknowledged otherwise. Im much more honest with myself now and also feel good about keeping on a better path going forward. Its no secret i dont enjoy exercise but ive kept it up and even surprised myself! I will always be grateful for everything Lauren did for me. I would recommend her to anyone at any stage of their fitness journey, when i started with her i knew nothing and now i feel confident carrying on with everything she taught me and to me thats bloody priceless.


I have been training with Lauren for the past couple of months. and have most certainly seen changes in my habits, fitness, lifestyle and mental health. my sessions with lauren although intense, I LOVE!! we have laughs and jokes in between sweat drenched sets. she has the ability to push you to and well past your limits all the while having a laugh with you.

I absolutely 100% recommend lauren @impact health & fitness. she is committed to ensuring success in all her clients. And not only is there during training sessions but sends you messages through out the week, checks in to see how you are going and offers advice when you ask. Lauren has a holistic approach to her training and tailor makes personalized programs to suit the needs and abilities of each individual client. if you are looking for a personal trainer with a light-hearted approach to bettering yourself I wouldn't go past lauren. she is awesome.


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