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Personal Training

Online Personal Training

  8 Week Min  

Are you wanting to dip your toes into having a personal trainer without the time commitments and in person visits? Our online training brings our fitness programs, nutritional guidance and targeted goals to you.

Each fitness program will be tailored to your individual needs, which will be assessed during our online consultation.

Spaces are limited to five currently so we can give each client a fair amount of support, so get in contact to see if there's still one available!


Nutritional Guidance
Goal Setting & Strength Targets
7 Days a Week Personal Trainer Support
Charged each week, fortnight or month! Ultimate flexibility!
Fitness for Everyone

We believe everyone deserves access to quality fitness support, our online programs, community and resources help you have the best thing in the thing idk I ran out of ideas.

Group Based
Per month
Private (One on One)
Per month

The Impact Fitness App

We've been working hard on finding a solution that helps us deliver on our promise of helping you reach your fitness goals where you are, both in in your fitness levels and location.

So this comes with some new changes for our regular clients, but also lets us  provide a whole new service! 🤩

Mobile & In-home Clients

All mobile clients get access to the app free of charge! This app makes it much easier to provide nutrition plans and fitness programs, and lets you directly contact us with any questions or concerns!

Online Training

We're happy to now provide online training, this lets us provide our service wherever you are, at a lower rate than having us come to you directly. You'll get the same great nutritional, fitness planning and support. With 7 days contact availability we can easily help you make progress!

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