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Foundation Programme

If you struggle with squats this programme can help you build healthy and sustainable movement patterns. Join Lauren as she introduces you and assists you in moving better.

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This program is designed to help you learn how to move correctly whether you are getting back into training or starting from scratch.

Create more body awareness by learning movement patterns and techniques like finding the neutral spine for hinging for your deadlifts and squats, targeting your shoulder blades, and more.

Get the results you want and be train longer by incorporating mobility drills and specific warm up routines.

Progress in your training, get stronger, build muscle and reach your goals.


  • Guided exercise videos to help you learn the movements
  • Educational content around nutrition and training
  • Learn the movements that will progress you into deadlifts, squats and pull ups
  • Mobility drills to decrease risk of injury and be more mobile throughout the day
  • Calories and Macros set for you and your goal

Please Note: Always consult with a doctor before undertaking new fitness routines.


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