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Can I get results without tracking my calories?

Lauren Kent
Oct 7, 2023

The answer is yes you can!

But is tracking your calories helpful? Yes

Why track your calories?

If your goal is to lose weight there are many methods to achieve this, one of the most helpful tools is My Fitness Pal or any other food tracking device.

Tracking your food, even just for a week, may give you a better understanding of how much calories are in your daily food.

You may think that the portion you are having is healthy enough, but in reality, it actually ends up being quite calorie dense, thus stalling your weight-loss progress. It may also be the other way around, you may have been depriving yourself from eating anything at all, because you think of it as having a “high calorie content,” when in reality, it’s nutritious enough to fit your daily nourishment needs.

Tracking your daily intake will help improve your relationship with food. Eventually, you will realise that in moderation, you can incorporate certain foods that you enjoy into your daily diet. Not taking time to assess where you currently are at may lead to certain inconsistencies in your weight loss journey. I.E; Lack of information on proper portion sizes, may cause you to overly restrict your calorie intake.


You may feel the need for you to always rely on the app to tell you when you need to eat, and what food you need to have. However telling yourself when you can have food you crave can be problematic. While sometimes it may not be able to fit within your goals, perhaps add flexibility in the next day for if you are still craving.

Long term maintenance of weight is helped by building boundaries with food. You have the freedom to choose whatever foods you like, as long as you take into mind your health/recovery and cravings. This will help you feel less restricted and smarter about your choices which align with your goal.

Weight Loss

If you have just started with your weight-loss journey, you must make certain adjustments in your lifestyle. Learning more about proper portion sizes, increasing your protein intake, increasing your movement / physical activities, and drinking more water will definitely make a big difference in achieving your ideal weight goal. But when you feel like these improvements aren’t enough, tracking your food is a great tool to reassess certain areas you may need to work harder on, and eventually, this will help you move forward with your weight-loss journey.

Whichever method you use, consistency is the main key to achieve your ideal weight goal.

A great rule of thumb when tracking your food:

  • Begin your food tracking by tracking only your protein intake
  • Have the base of your food from nutrient dense options, such as vegetables, fruits, and proteins
  • Include the mindful eating concept, ask yourself: “Am I truly craving this?” and always eat without distractions
  • Take some time off or a break with food tracking, if you have already been tracking for 4-5 months straight

About this recipe

This recipe and others are available to online, in-home and in-gym clients as part of your training at no additional charge. Trainerize have kindly let us post a few here!

Lauren Kent
Lauren is the founder of Impact, she enjoys challenging herself, music and chocolate!

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