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How to tone up!

Lauren Kent
Oct 7, 2023

Getting toned is often the goal when someone starts their fitness journey with us, But when you don’t have guidance, it can be hard to know where to start and what to do to create that toned look

The three key steps to help you towards the toned body you are after, are protein, resistance training and recovery.

But first off…

What is ‘tone’ anyway?

The tone people refer to is actually just muscle, the more muscle you build the more toned it makes you look. Often if you only focus on cardio and cutting calories (not the quality of calories) then you will notice when you get to the goal weight you were after you haven't achieved that toned look you had imagined.

How do you build Tone/Muscle?

In order to create more muscle then you want to ensure you are training with intensity and progressive overload (increasing weight/reps) overtime. Paired with a high protein diet.

Steps to create tone

  1. Increase Protein
    Ideally you want 1.6-2.2g per kilo of body weight. So say someone is 75kg, and you start around the mid range of protein. This would mean you would need 150g of protein a day
  2. Resistance Train
    Consistently weight train 3-4 days per week, aiming to increase the weight each week or 2. Be sure to follow a structured program
  3. Recovery
    Believe it or not muscle is actually built outside the gym. You break down the muscle inside the gym then outside is where it repairs and grows. So focusing on things such as water/protein/light walking or stretching/resting will aid in recovery

We’re building a variety of ways for women to build strength and to get support while working on their physical health. In Hawke’s Bay we offer gym and home based support, and we offer remote assistance with Impact Online.

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About this recipe

This recipe and others are available to online, in-home and in-gym clients as part of your training at no additional charge. Trainerize have kindly let us post a few here!

Lauren Kent
Lauren is the founder of Impact, she enjoys challenging herself, music and chocolate!

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