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Why you should work out when you don't want to

Lauren Kent
Oct 7, 2023

Do you often decide you want to start something, with every intention of doing so - the next day? Yet when that next day comes, you easily talk yourself out of it and stay with what is comfortable.

You may have the belief, I will never get to my goal, or I can never stick to anything. The actions start to reaffirm this belief. Years might go by, and you still haven't achieved what you set out to achieve. Does this sound like you?

If this is a familiar struggle, then I have some tips that will help you combat this and improve your adherence.

When people first begin their health and fitness journey, a common goal is wanting to feel more confident within themselves. They believe this confidence will come from having the body of their dreams.

In reality, the confidence comes from actually doing the thing you said you would do. It’s showing up for yourself, even on the days you don’t want to be bothered, when you know you're tired, or when there’s no shift on the scales.

Would you consistently book in time with people you cherish, then always cancel because you can’t be bothered, or you’re too tired? If not, why would you treat yourself like this?

Here are two simple things that you can implement to help you get your workout in even when you don’t want to:

  1. Book it into your calendar. Make it an official part of your plans for the day, like your other daily goals.
  2. Start small. Tell yourself you’ll just do one movement that you enjoy for now. Then see how you feel, and decide if you want to do more.

More often than not, the days you don’t want to workout will be the days you’ll be glad you did. You are showing that you respect yourself enough to show up for yourself, same as you would show up for someone else.

About this recipe

This recipe and others are available to online, in-home and in-gym clients as part of your training at no additional charge. Trainerize have kindly let us post a few here!

Lauren Kent
Lauren is the founder of Impact, she enjoys challenging herself, music and chocolate!

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