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How to decrease nutritional overwhelm

Lauren Kent
Oct 7, 2023

The most common thing I hear is that people are extremely overwhelmed with nutrition regarding their goals. What do I eat? When do I eat it? How much do I eat?

This does all depend on your goal, but to keep it super simple for someone first starting their health and fitness journey or for someone getting back into their fitness journey then keeping it as basic as possible is key to long term sustainability

Looking at how you eat right now ask yourself these questions:

How many veggies do you have per day?

How much protein do you have per day?

How much whole food fats do you have per day?

How much whole food carbs do you have per day?

Do you eat regular?

Once you work this out you can understand where to start, if you notice that actually you don't include as much of a variety of any of these then how can you look to include these from Monday - Sunday.

People to often look for quick and easy fixes that usually leave them overwhelmed confused and feeling like they are on the wagon and off the wagon. Where as if you look to create a baseline eating pattern than what ever your goal is at the time it will only include minor tweaks rather than a complete overhaul.

Start with 3 meals per day and aim to get:

1 Palm of protein

1 Fist of Vegetables

1 Cupped hand of carbs

1 Thumb size of fats

Then if you find you are extremely hungry after this then you can increase the portion sizes of each.

Aim to keep it as basic as possible to start with but be mindful you don't demonize foods eg "carbs are bad" "I can't have chocolate" "I can't have bread" as this will lead to the all or nothing mentality.

Notice how to foods make you feel, how the respond in your body and how they make you feel energy wise. This will help in choosing these foods to become a habit as you notice the benefits

Once you create this baseline of eating patterns you can put your food into an app called MY Fitness Pal, this will help you understand how many calories are in each food and how much macro and micronutrients you are having so you can alter and adjust to suit your goals

Keep nutrition as simple as possible, try to to complicate it

About this recipe

This recipe and others are available to online, in-home and in-gym clients as part of your training at no additional charge. Trainerize have kindly let us post a few here!

Lauren Kent
Lauren is the founder of Impact, she enjoys challenging herself, music and chocolate!

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